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Top Blue Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Ind. Co., a public listed company controlled by Sinopec, one of the largest petrochemical companies in China and one of the top 20 companies in the world by revenue.

As one of the top 10 urea manufacturers globally, Sinopec Meifeng produced Automotive Grade Urea is exported worldwide, from Japan to Brazil and from the USA to Australia.

The natural progression of the business led to start the production of AdBlue® abroad through international partners and develop a strong international AdBlue® brand in every continent.

Top!Blue was launched in many countries worldwide to serve customers locally. This mutually beneficial product launch was an important development. Combining a strong, global producer like Meifeng with Sinopec’s access to international markets brought considerable value to vehicle operators from our AdBlue product and service offering.


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Our AdBlue blending facilities and automotive grade urea are helping companies and partners meet the growing market demand for AdBlue® and further strengthen service capabilities, with local production of AdBlue® in Europe, the US and Asia.

The founders of our company are recognised as early innovators of the AdBlue® industry in Europe. They worked with OEMs in the pre-market phase to get the AdBlue® technology ready for implementation in the automotive industry.

In 2003, in the earlies days of the industry, they registered the AdBlue® trademark and then in 2004 transferred it to the German association of Car and Truck producers (VDA). As a result, AdBlue® became the trademark within the European industry for the product AUS32, now governed by a clear set of ISO-led quality specification and manufacturing processes.

As one of the world’s largest producers of high quality automotive grade urea which is required to produce AdBlue® we worked together with customers and suppliers to bring a distinctive AdBlue international brand to market: Top!Blue.




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